How to Mine BitCoin via PC Update 2024 Work

Hello, Go EvilicaCell friends, meet again with me, the admin of the world's most working tutorial site. On this occasion, I will share a Bitcoin mining tutorial for beginners with makeshift specifications that you can try yourself at home, guaranteed to be easy and auto-cash.

The Bitcoin mining tutorial that I will explain here is guaranteed to work and is actually proven to pay, and as proof as well as to make it easier to understand how Bitcoin mining works, I will include a video tutorial at the end of the article.
How to Mine BitCoin via PC Update 2024
Before carrying out the Bitcoin mining process in this way, you should first prepare a computer or laptop and a good internet network.

Actually, for PC or laptop specifications, you don't need to have high specifications (high end). Here I tried to practice using a home PC with relatively low specifications. That is, I use a PC with an AMD Ryzen 3 2200G processor with 8GB RAM and no additional VGA, because basically the Ryzen 3 2200G is equipped with a GPU inside, namely Vega 8.

Yes, even though Vega 8 on Ryzen 3 2200G is not very high or you can say low specs, but here I managed to make around 0.0001000 BTC within 1 week. So the higher the hardware specifications you use, the greater the BTC income you get.

Okay, get on with it, then how does Bitcoin mining work with a makeshift computer or laptop? see this article to the end and please don't be lazy to read.

Bitcoin Mining Tutorial For Beginners Guaranteed Easy:

  1. First, first turn off or disable AntiVirus on your Windows, check the method here "how to turn off Windows AntiVirus" for an explanation and method.
  2. Here we will mine Bitcoin through the NiceHash website, so you have to register an account (registration) first through the NiceHash website.
  3. Fill in or enter the email that you are using, then password and password confirmation and finally check at the bottom then click the Create Account button
  4. After successfully creating a NiceHash account, then you open the gmail that you used to register earlier, there will be an incoming email from NiceHash, then you click the confirm button.
  5. Then the NiceHash login site will open, then you log in using the email and password that you created earlier on the NiceHas site then click Login
  6. After entering the NiceHash dashboard, then you download the NiceHash miner software (click on DOWNLOAD MINER) then select NiceHas Miner support AMD, Nvidia and Intel
  7. Then click download NiceHash Miner Installer and wait until the download is complete
  8. Next, install the NiceHash Miner that you downloaded earlier by right-clicking > then selecting Run as administrator and then installing it until it's finished
  9. Run NiceHash Miner that we installed earlier, it will appear on the desktop, right click then select Run as administrator and wait until the loading process is complete
  10. Click I accept then click Next until it appears to the login page, then click Enter Bitcoin address manually
  11. Next, open the NiceHash site again in the browser that you opened earlier, then copy the code in the Mining address section and paste it in the NiceHash miner software then click Save and wait until the loading process is complete
  12. The Disclaimer section will appear in the NiceHash miner application, then click I Accept all then click Restart and wait until the restart process is complete
  13. Click the Benchmark tab then make sure all options are active to the right, after that return to the Dashboard tab and click the Start Mining button
  14. Wait until 2 CMD windows appear and the Bitcoin mining process will run automatically and complete

You also have to pay attention to the temperature (temperature) on the device that you use for mining, because the temperature is too hot, then the performance of the computer or laptop will decrease, and more fatally it can be damaged.

Then you just have to wait and let the computer work, and make sure that during the mining process, the Windows you are using is still active, doesn't sleep or turns off.

For how to withdraw, you can check the following article "tutorial for withdrawing bitcoin balance to a bank account" for the full procedure and explanation.

To make it easier to understand how to mine Bitcoin using makeshift specifications, you can watch the video above below: (the video above is also proof that I have tried this BTC mining tutorial and it has proven to be successful)

Okay, maybe that's all the Bitcoin mining tutorials from Go EvilicaCell, if you are still confused or have difficulties, you can comment below and please subscribe to EvilicaCell's YouTube channel to get updates about other tutorials.