Orphan Movie Story in Real Life

Hello friends, EvilicaCell, meet again with me, the admin of this simple site. On this occasion, I will share news that is Viral Film Orphan in Real Life. Remember the movie called 'Orphan'? A thriller about a psychopath who has the body of a child but is actually a grown woman who tries to kill her adoptive family. What if that story did happen in real life? The story was experienced by a family in New York.

Kristine (45) and her ex-husband, Michael Barnett (43) Initially Both had adopted a sweet little girl aged 6 years in 2010 ago. The child is from Ukraine and named Natalia. But who would have thought that the girl they thought was 6 years old, turned out to be a 22 year old adult woman.

The orphanage has informed that Natalia has been diagnosed with a rare physical disorder. His body is stunted and has difficulty walking.

At first everything was going well and seemed normal with Natalia, but both Kristine and Michael didn't know that their life would turn into a nightmare. Strange things started to happen to Natalia, starting from the growth of hair on Natalia's pubic area and having adult teeth, apart from that Natalia started to experience menstruation which of course is very rare for a six year old child.
Orphan Movie Story in Real Life
It didn't stop there, Kristine and her ex-husband also experienced a scary incident while living at home with Natalia. They admitted that Natalia had threatened to kill family members and locked them in the backyard.

Kristine said, "She (Natalia) stood over people in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep, we had to hide all the sharp objects." “He jumped out of the moving car. He smears blood on the mirror. He did things you wouldn't imagine a child doing."

"I saw him put chemicals, bleach, Windex, something like that in my coffee and I asked him, 'what are you doing?' He said, 'I tried to poison you'."

Feeling suspicious that something was wrong with Natalia, Kristine and Michael had her checked by a family doctor. How shocked the couple was when a medical examination proved their suspicions correct if Natalia was in fact an adult with some mental illness.

"All the doctors confirmed that she (Natalia) suffered from a severe psychological illness that is only diagnosed in adults," said Kristine.

After knowing this, they applied for a revision of the birth certificate. Fortunately, the Marion County, Indiana, Superior Court accepted the application. After that, Natalia got the psychological treatment she needed and the couple rented an apartment in 2012 until her treatment was completed. Natalia is being treated under the supervision of Indiana's state healthcare provider Aspire.

Because he is a legal adult, the Barnetts provide him with a social security number, meal vouchers and ID. But in 2013, Natalia caused trouble at the place and was kicked out by the owner.

The Barnetts still haven't let it go by renting out a new apartment in Lafayette, Indiana to make sure Natalia doesn't lose her place. After that, everything seemed to be going smoothly and life was good.

Kristine and Natalia communicate every day, and they even have plans for Natalia's future. Because of that, Natalia was enrolled in a college in the field of cosmetology, but unfortunately that didn't happen because, Natalia disappeared and didn't answer Kristine's calls when contacted.

In 2014, the Barnetts family was reported with a case of child neglect, because they left Natalia alone in the apartment without supervision.

Even more shocking, Natalia testified against the Barnetts and accused them of leaving her alone when she moved to Canada. The police actually took Natalia's statement seriously because they concluded that she was a "credible and reliable witness".

Additionally, Natalia's bone density tests taken twice in 2010 & 2012 do not support Barnett's objections to the allegation. Kristine and Michael finally asked the doctor to do a bone density test on Natalia. The results stated that Natalia was 14 years older than her age at that time.

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