The Most Expensive Android App Ever

Hello friends, EvilicaCell, meet me again, the admin of this simple site, on this occasion I will share a list of the most expensive Android applications with high prices that are practically unreasonable. Android is well-known as a mobile platform that has many applications, following the population of applications on the iOS platform. Uniquely, the majority of applications on Android can be obtained for free.

This is one of the factors that make Android devices can develop rapidly today. But it turns out that there are only a few developers who make applications at high prices on the Android platform. The sad thing is, the average application does not have a function or is useless and can leave the buyer dumbfounded.
The Most Expensive Android App Ever
Special application of top people and want to be stylish. Want to know what application is meant?
Let's look at the article The most expensive application below.

Antivirus Security
This application type AntiVirus for Android Mobile Web Security Vip Premium version is full of advanced features and facilities for perfect operation of your mobile (Smartphone) or Tablet and Web security in any situation, with lifetime license. But in fact Android does not need an anti-virus application because Android already has its own security from Google. This application is worth 1,566,339 or about 1.5 million more which was developed by.

Most Expensive App
Says the developer "This app is for demonstration purposes only, and doesn't actually do anything. So don't be disappointed if you install it and nothing happens".
Waw means this application intends to be stylish only to look like a rich man .. gokil !!
This application is worth 2,083,486 or about 2 million less developed by

The Most Expensive App Ever
World's Most Expensive App Ever which was launched on 29th October 2015. Previously most expensive app was USD 200 but you have a chance to become the proud owner of world's most expensive android app ever by purchasing this awesome $400 app. The magic behind this app is, all users who buy this app will delete the app in time

But if you are a millionaire and don't know how to spend money, you can waste your money here. The developer of this application is [email protected] and it is worth 5,423,965 or about 5.5 million. Wow, you can just make this application! If that's the case, I want to collect the money I want to throw away hehe..

Buy the priciest app on Google Play Store to show that you are a rich person! This is an application that has 4 diamonds that change color. A simulated diamond with a price of 2,092,895 or around 2 million more!!

A simulated diamond with a price of 2,092,895 or about 2 million more!! Wow, if the mimin is better off buying real diamonds for you hehe.. This application was developed by [email protected]

Actually, there are many more expensive and fantastically valuable applications, if you are still curious, you can look and search on the Play Store. In my opinion, the most expensive and useless one is number 3. it's better to save the money and other needs :)

Okay, maybe this is the article about the most expensive Android application in the world from Go EvilicaCell, if anyone is still confused or has questions about the most expensive Android application, please comment below and see you next time.